January 28, 2012

Family tree

I'd like to formally introduce some members of the family:
This is my great-great grandmother. I do not remember her name, but it is written down somewhere.
My great-great-great aunt. She looks like a Grecian painting.
My hot-ass great-grandmother Shirley. This was taken when she was about 16 years old. Seriously. Also, she's the one I got all of my vintage jewelry from.
This is my great grand-cousin, Beverly King. She is also the only one of my deceased family members who I share a facial shape with. Not all of us can have little round cheeks and button noses.
A great-great aunt. She was Shirley's father's sister. Yes, confusing. But don't you love the beading on her shirt? I wish I had all of their clothing.
Another one of my hot-ass great-grandmother. I mean, seriously? This is her Senior Portrait. As in high-school. In my Senior Portrait I look like a goober.
My great-great aunt Sade. This is probably my favorite picture of the bunch my Grandmother gave me. She actually had the negative for this one, so I got a huge 8x11 printed to hang on my wall. She is beautiful, isn't she? I wish I could have inherited her face. Women just don't look like this anymore, for some reason. This was taken in the 1920s, by the way.

Ah, aren't you jealous that you didn't inherit their genes like I did? Yeah, I know. I just wish I also inherited their clothing. At least I got the jewelry.
Anyway, back to our century! Kind of. My friend Wren was over at my house today, and she needed help getting ready to go to an "Old Hollywood" high-school dance. I lent her a little black dress and one of my hot-ass great-grandmother's necklaces, did her make-up, and she looks just the part!
Dress-thrifted/vintage, Necklace-vintage
Well, I guess Wren pretty much looks like she comes out of the 1950s. Damn my super-tan skin.

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