January 1, 2012

I got me some Granny-Pants

Pants-Vintage, Shirt-Forever21, Shoes-Target
And I'm so happy about that.
They really are grandmother pants, by the way. They belonged to Gryphon's grandmother, and when we cleaned out her house when she went to a home, we found that they fit me and I was allowed to take them home. I really really love them. I felt like I was from the seventies when I was walking to Gryphon's house; it was a really hot day and I decided to take my shoes off. I got several strange looks from passerbys.

We were having a very creative day, I do admit.
I have not been posting very much as of late, and for that I apologize! We just got done with the play I assistant directed, plus choir and finals. I took the first week of Winter Break as me time, and I didn't touch my camera the entire time, of which I am ashamed. I actually took these pictures a while ago and they have been sitting around on my computer, and today I am bored so what the heck.
I got my hair cut very short! It's very 50s, and I will definitely show everyone next time I decide to venture out into the world! Today though, I will stay in pajamas.
I told him not to shave his sideburns because they belonged in the 70s.
Happy New Years everyone!

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