October 26, 2011

A Day at the Races

Whew, this week has been so busy! It's so relaxing to finally sit down and do a post for my zero followers. I know, I know. I'm persevering. I'll get there!
To be honest, I haven't been having the best week. I'm stressed out of my mind, and I'm just not feeling very happy or motivated in general. Nobody seems to want to order any cupcakes from me, even though they're freaking delicious and good looking. I hope this doesn't fall through.
Anyway, enough of my whining, here are some pictures of an outfit I put together:
Hat-Vintage, Shirt-thrifted, Skirt-refashioned, thrifted, Shoes-thrifted
I wish I had styled my hair nicely! It's straight and ugly because without the hat, I was dressed as Michele Bachmann, and I gave a speech as her at school. It was humorous.

Don't you love the hat? I picked it up for $2 at an Estate Sale! I was expecting much much more for a vintage hat in such nice condition, but wow! If anyone is reading, let me know if you've ever found a treasure for dirt cheap!
I apologize for the dramatics.
Though this week is sucking, I'm looking forward to the Halloween weekend! On Friday after dance class, Gryphon and I are going out for karaoke with a bunch of friends! Of course, being the crazy theatre geeks we are, we're all dressing up as "Classy Mother-uckers" (not my quote). I have a rediculous cowgirl type dress that I thrifted because it was just so awesome and realized afterwards that I would never wear it to school, and now I have the perfect opportunity. Gryphon is going to be my cowboy, and I shall be his cowgirl. Hopefully we'll have tons of pictures from that night, everyone else is going to be wearing their best vintage garb, because obviously classiness is a thing of the past.

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