October 13, 2011

Halloween Plans and Heat

Oof, it's been while since I've been able to make it to the computer, I've been so busy!
While thrifting recently I found a really nice vintage leather jacket that I just love! It's tough, but at the same time, very feminine and pretty! It reminds me of high school girls wearing their boyfriend's jackets in the 50s.
Necklace-Forever 21, Jacket-thrifted, Blouse-Forever 21, Jeans-Levi, Shoes-TJMax

Surprisingly, they have some pretty cute vintage inspired jewelry at Forever 21. I love this necklace, and it was 14 bucks!

Fast forward to the weekend: One of my closest friends, Laura, came back from college for the weekend to spend some time with all of her friends, and she met us for some good old fashion thrifting. I got a bunch of stuff at an estate sale, which I'll post about later, but while we were in a resale store, I found this awesome dress:
Apparently it's from Pinup Couture, so I'm lucky to have snagged it at a rediculously low price!
Laura decided that it would make a great Devil costume, so I had to get it, even though I'd probably never find an occasion to wear it again!
Spanx are on my shopping list fo-sho. I can't wait to show you guys the finished result!

This week was hellishly hot (ha!) so I finally got a chance to wear some adorable vintage shorts I found years ago in Hawaii.
Entire outfit-thrifted
I love these shorts. I lost a bunch of weight recently so they're a little big, but nothing a little taking in can't do! Sadly, I don't know when my next chance will be to wear them-it rarely gets above 65 in Los Osos. Today just happened to be in the 90s, randomly.
Heres some of the details on the shorts. I love the buttons on both sides!

In other news, I've started a cupcake business! If you're in the SLO area in California, place an order! Heres my facebook page.
I've been practicing my decorating skills, because I can make them delicious, but making them pretty takes extra practice! I'm very excited about it, I'll have pictures up when I start doing orders and bake tests!

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