September 26, 2011

1940s Army Wife

I went thrifting yesterday (again) and found some really cute stuff. In fact, my entire outfit today was thrifted. I was told that I looked like a young lady saying goodbye to her sweetheart as he boarded a train going off to the war, which is sad, but I can see the resemblance. If there happens to be a draft soon, at least I'll know what to wear!
Blouse, skirt, and shoes-thrifted
I love this outfit. The blouse is awesome, it has the obnoxiously named "Pussybow" collar that I've been searching for all over-and guess what? I found it at the bottom of a Goodwill warehouse bin and bought it for 58 cents! What a score. That is why I always dig to the bottom of the bins, no matter how heavy everything is. I had Gryphon use his man-muscles to hold everything out of the way so I could dive to the very bottom and extract treasures. It's a good way to shop.
The skirt and shoes were from the Goodwill thrift-store, actually, which is the higher end Goodwill where they take all their nicer stuff. They were definitely pricier than 58 cents, but I'm not complaining.
"Bye honey, don't worry about me, I look fabulous!"
My friend Erica was destined to end up on my blog at some point. She's a master thrifter, she somehow finds the most outlandish garments and wears them beautifully. She's the one who tought me the bottom of the bin technique. Today she was wearing a lovely patchwork dress that I had to get some pictures of.

Isn't it cute? Erica is a goddess in thrift stores. I make an effort to take her with me whenever I go. She'll most likely be a regular on the blog!

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