September 14, 2011

An intro and a few garments!

Well, with that greeting you can probably tell how painfully new to blogging I am. This is definitely a venture into a new world for me! At this moment, I'm a 17 year old girl living in California, who is in love with vintage and vintage-inspired clothing. Everything about the 40s and 50s is beautiful to me, and I love taking inspiration from that time period to build my own personal style. My love of thrifting began about a year ago when I found an adorable sun-dress at a local resale store, and since then theres been no going back. I still shop at modern retail stores to find wardrobe staples (it's hard living off of cardigans, blazers, and sundresses alone!) but I tend to find things there that have a vintage twist to them.
While I'm hoping this blog will mostly be about thrifting and wearing retro garments, I will admit that you will probably enjoy lots of food porn as well, because I'm also obsessed with baking all sorts of things, especially cupcakes! Theres no telling when a cupcake post will crop up.
Anyway, now that the intro is over with, I'll post a few garments I have pictures of!
This is the dress I wore to my Junior Prom last year. I sewed it myself from a Vintage Vogue pattern from the 50s. Well, my grandmother the seamstress did most of the work, and I had to endure many painful pin pricks when she needed a model. The dress turned out fabulously, but due to my loosing quite a bit of weight over the past year it doesn't fit me very well anymore, so perhaps alterations will be made in the
The shoes were thrifted, and the crystal necklace belonged to my great-great-grandmother. I'm proud to say that among the sea of skin-tight tube dresses at Prom, I definitely stood out in a good way!
My boyfriend, Gryphon, shares my love of all things vintage, and even lets me drag him around thrifting sometimes! Perhaps you'll see a post about our adventures together sometime in the future.
This is a cardigan I refashioned using Casey Brown's tutorial. It was incredibly easy, even for a beginning seamstress such as myself! I shortened the waist and arms, added vintage mother of pearl buttons, and found a lovely exotic bird pattern online to embroider onto the breast. After this, I doubt I will ever try to embroider from a pattern on to black again. Picking out the little bits of paper left over was barely worth it!
If you want to use the tutorial I did for refashioning cardigans, check out Casey's blog! She is one of the lovely vintage ladies online who inspired me to start my own.
Well, that's it for now! I haven't gotten into the habit of taking outfit or clothing pictures yet, but there are definitely many to come!

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