September 15, 2011

Longing for Fall

I love fall.
I love wearing cute skirts and cardigans, I love wearing warm colors that reflect the leaves and the pumpkins that are growing in the fields by my house. I start thinking about mulling spices, cocoa, and pumpkin pie halfway through summer, and at the beginning of fall, I am soooo ready.
I've been seeing so many cute vintage-inspired high waisted skirts and embroidered sweaters floating around the web lately, and I've come to the conclusion that I NEED to add some bright green to my wardrobe.
Super adorable outfit from's Go For It! collection.
Ah, the scalloped collar on that polka-dotted blouse just beckons to me. For some reason I have trouble finding blouses with scalloped collars when I'm thrifting. I'm starting to worry that all the authentic ones have been snatched up! Ah well. I can always buy a $30 version from Modcloth. Which is perfectly fine with me. I enjoy modcloth.
I've never been a huge fan of green, but for some reason this particular shade in this style of clothing just looks adorable to me! I must get my hands on something this color, and then I'll feel complete. And those shoes. Those shoes are amazing. Good pumps are a Fall essential for me.

Unfortunately, in Los Osos, fall doesn't really happen until October. Right now it's foggy and cold outside, which is typical Summer behavior in the area. Of course, that doesn't stop me from dressing like it's warm and cheery!
Blouse-Forever 21, Belt-Francie's Boutique, Skirt-Old Navy
Sadly, nothing vintage or thrifted was incorporated into my outfit today. Usually I manage to include at least an accessory or two! Even when nothing is vintage, I still try to keep to the classic sort of sillhouete from the 40s or 50s. I hate looking boxy in the waist area. Ugh.
Sidenote, I am in LOVE with the lipstick I'm wearing. In fact, I don't know if I have gone a day without it since I bought it two weeks ago. It's Outlast Lip-Stain from Covergirl, in Crimson. It's awesome. I can drink out of cups, eat sandwiches, and kiss my boyfriend without anything coming off! It took me a while to convince him of this, actually. He's so embarrassed if he gets lipstick on him!
I have so many garments I can't wear yet because of how cold it is, including the cutest red high-waisted shorts! Bring it on, Fall. I'm ready for you.

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